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Vision, Robotics & Motion is the trade fair in the Benelux when it comes to automation of discrete manufacturing processes. Whether you are a consumer of an automation solution, or an integrator of components: at Vision, Robotics & Motion you will find the latest developments and you will discover what new possibilities the latest technologies have to offer you. International speakers and exhibitors will share the latest developments in machine safety, cobots, 3D-vision, multi-spectral cameras, visualization and virtualization, energy saving, predictive maintenance, big data, and the industrial internet of things.

Special attention will be given to applications in food and pharma, systems engineering, the collaboration between man and robot in the production environment, and logistic applications. 

Vision, Robotics & Motion: a good marriage

The manufacturing industry is continuously faced with the challenge to produce more effectively. Automation of the production process is an essential part of this. But how can you combine an increasing level of automation with flexibility in the production process? The only way is to see the automation issue as part of the entire production process in which it takes place. That means an integral solution with a multidisciplinary character is needed. 

Discover the possibilities for your company

Developments are taking place at a rapid speed and it is becoming increasingly simple to use robots for the automation of production processes. Robots are not only able to effortlessly perform heavy and repetitive jobs; they also ensure constant quality in the execution of these jobs. The latest vision technologies help with quality control, and smart motion control enables you to save processing time and energy costs. Their great flexibility and simple operation make for a short payout time. Would you like to know more about what production automation can do for your company? Discover the possibilities at Vision, Robotics & Motion.



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Industry 4.0 or smart industry is the term used for the increasingly better integrated industrial systems. This improved connectivity and stronger interaction with other systems is a major transition. Consumers have increasingly higher demands of automation solutions. These need to be more flexible and fit seamlessly within the production process as a whole. At Vision, Robotics & Motion these topics will receive ample attention and you will find all the necessary tools for future-proof automation. 

The latest state in technologies

Discover how you can use augmented reality in machine production, how you can use the benefits of machine learning in the service of your customers, and how you can improve production processes with unmanned autonomous vehicles. After visiting the event you will be up-to-date on all the latest products in vision, robotics, and drive technology. Whether you are interested in the latest generation of cobots or servo amplifiers, 3D-cameras or infrared sensors: you will find it at Vision, Robotics & Motion. 

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