During Vision, Robotics & Motion, smart production automation, robots, (machine) vision and motion control are central. This also applies to the program, where you will hear the latest developments and best practices in areas such as industrial robotics, deep learning, Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Internet of Things.

An overview of the program:

  • Exhibition floor with more than 100 exhibitors
  • 50 lectures
  • Congress by Holland Robotics
  • Funducation area organized by universities
  • Meet & Match by Enterprise Europe Network (Chamber of Commerce)

Robotics for SMEs - Congress organized by Holland Robotics

The robot is gaining more and more ground within SMEs. Whereas in the past the robot was mainly used within (large) production environments, nowadays more and more accessible applications are being developed for SMEs. Consider, for example, the arrival of the cobot and (autonomous) drones. How do you apply these developments within your company and what possibilities are there, for example, in the field of financing? You will discover this during the “Robotics for SMEs” congress program.

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Big Business with Big Science

Big Science is the collective name for major international collaborative research projects such as the particle accelerator in CERN, the Einstein telescope, SKA, ESRF, LOFAR, ITER, DIFFER etc. These large projects develop themselves but also involve a lot of technology and (sub) assemblies from the industry, also in the context of the mandatory geo-return of countries' deposits. In the Netherlands, the Industrial Liason Officers (ILO-net) are active who bridge the gap between the needs of these Big Science projects and Dutch business.

A theme within these projects is remote handling (robotics) for service in harsh environment, and sensory / detection / process monitoring with vision and motion. During the 2020 edition of this exhibition, these Liason Officers are present to provide information with lectures, a stand and in the Meet & Match program.